Weekend Viewing: Cracking the Maya Code.

Maya Jaguar godWe had an interesting discussion in class this past week of how our knowledge of the Maya Civilization has changed since I was in school.  In the sixty’s (I know I’m old) we learned that the Maya were a peaceful almost benign civilization dedicated to the sciences. Most of this was based on the work of J. Eric Thompson.  By the late 90’s, we have a totally different picture of the Maya. This video from NOVA takes us on a centuries long journey of dedicated men and women who diligently worked and succeeded  in Cracking the Maya Code which change the story of the Maya forever.  I hope you will enjoy this video and no it is not mandatory but it is an excellent story of historical investigation, dedication and success.  Click on this link   http://tinyurl.com/nkly55

P.S. The NOVA series from PBS can now be seen on Hulu.  I watched it twice.

-Mr. Falvo

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